Good to Me

I don’t know why
you had to make me cry.
Can’t you see the pain you put me through?
We could have worked out
if you had been good to me too.



8 thoughts on “Good to Me”

  1. They never see the pain they put us through. Nor will they ever forgive us for our transgressions. We are left wondering what it will take to earn their trust, their praise, their love again. We receive dredged up offenses from the past. We are repeatedly flogged by them. No amount of apologies is enough. You finally realize it will never be enough for them. They will never be good to us because they believed we were never good enough for them.

  2. spot on. it takes two to make a relationship work. and when only one person is doing all the work, something that could have been great totally flops.
    *HUG* thank you for sharing!

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