Sometimes Feelings are Just a One Way Street

I loved you

and I said it, out loud.

My stupid mouth can’t seem to keep quiet.

I had to deal with the consequences

of telling you how I feel.

I guess no one that good is real.



23 thoughts on “Sometimes Feelings are Just a One Way Street”

  1. I know how it feels. Not because I experienced it but I’ve seen my friends experience it and I don’t wanna make that mistake. So I’m careful to keep my mouth shut, however I always wonder, ‘would it change anything if I told him how I felt?’
    But I know I can’t destroy our friendship so it’s not worth it

  2. Well I guess sometimes you just have to say how you feel out loud. Though some consequences may be unexpected but it leaves us with lessons for our next encounter.
    Heartbreaking end though but I think it’s good you made your feelings known. Just my humble thought.

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