I Need this Brutal Closure

Don’t tell me it was for the best.

Don’t tell me. I’m better off.

Don’t you dare tell me anymore lies.

Just Tell me you don’t want me anymore.

Tell me you don’t need me, and be honest

You don’t love me at all.



9 thoughts on “I Need this Brutal Closure”

  1. Went through a lot of the similar things. I end up just walking the road by myself and move on. It’s not something we can control, but we can make it a little beautiful or colorful by meeting more people and opening our lives to something more. I did volunteering work, giving advices to people and indulge in my old hobbies I used to do. It’s something I can control. And learn to love myself even though there’s always a wish for someone else to do so.

    So many hugs and loads of love to you. Hopefully we bloom more beautifully from that sadness.

  2. Ouch! Love isn’t supposed to cause hurt and pain to the heart. If you are up to loving someone, then do; if not, don’t get involved with them at all. Well stated! @debateblydateable

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