Write You Out

I see it everywhere. 

Books, movies, and my next door neighbor

The story of us and all the reasons 

that you were too self absorbed to ever care for me.

I’m hoping if I write about you and us enough 

that I can finally let you go.


-June 2019

18 thoughts on “Write You Out”

  1. And time. Distance can lend enchantment, but it can also produce clarity. Good luck with your process. 🙂

  2. Perhaps it’s a difference in personality but might I suggest a different tack? If you want to get over someone then stop writing about them (says the CaveDad who Blogs about his divorce, right?) Or at least stop writing as if you are pining for that person. Your poetry is beautiful so I know you are aware that your words have power. The power in those words comes from thoughts which come from feelings which come from emotions. Emotions that will keep returning and overwhelming you if left unchecked. I say this because I don’t believe that strong emotions have a counterbalance other than conscious thought. If you’re using that conscious thought to put your emotions into words than you’re just fueling the fire.

    Alternatively, if you are simply channeling hypothetical emotion to make poetry than by all means keep going. I am enjoying it. =)

  3. I so relate. But I have been able to let go by remembering how I felt with the problems we had, rather than romanticizing, which I have a tendency to do. I have to force myself to remember the bad times to keep myself empowered. He was and is the inspiration for my blog and my better life.

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