You break it you buy it

You broke my heart 

so you better pay up.

It may be in pieces 

but you’ll have to buy every last one.

No refunds, no returns.

You know it’s always been yours.


-Aug 2019

10 thoughts on “You break it you buy it”

  1. Great name for a blog. In love we often loose pieces of our heart when it breaks. These lost pieces allow space for the love that works to enter into its absence. Beautiful poem.

  2. The new terror are wonen from our past. Been turning down women left and right because of #Metoo. Funny how latetly all the bros at GLOBAL MGTOW are yaking steps to completely avoud women. They are shopping late at night. Selling off high profile assets like sports cars.
    Funny, this one bro worth $54M from real estate drives a rusty pickup on purpose.

    I think men are wising up.

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