20 Funny reasons you can swipe left

Being on dating apps can wear you down quick if you don’t learn to find ways to laugh through the rough swipes. So here’s 20 Funny reasons you can swipe left!

  1. You don’t like their name

  2. its taking more than 10 seconds to figure out which person you should actually be looking for in all those group shots

  3. they wear their baseball caps weirdly high on their head

    Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 8.41.05 PM
  4. If his friends are hotter

  5. They flaunt their car too much

  6. There’s only one picture and it’s not even of a person

  7. All that vape smoke they’re exhaling is not impressing anyone

  8. They think they’re cool (have some humble pie)

  9. They don’t include their face at all

  10. Their bio says something like “good vibes only” or nothing at all

  11. They have a soul patch (or any other terrible facial hair)

  12. Their first picture is not of themselves (this has been a pretty good rule of thumb because normally clicking for the second photo is never worth it)

  13. because you know your mom won’t like their tattoo sleeve Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 8.44.08 PM

  14. They make fun of what a girl’s bio usually says

  15. They talk about how they hate this app and don’t even know why they’re on it

  16. They’re just visiting town for a week or so 

  17. He has any piercings 

  18. They’re still using high school pictures

  19. They make any sort of demand in their bio (ie. ‘make me laugh’, ‘must be a fellow gymrat’, or something disgustingly dominant)

  20. If they have too many hunting or fishing pictures 

17 thoughts on “20 Funny reasons you can swipe left”

  1. LOL I love this! When I was using Tinder, I did all of these things. I also would swipe left if their profile picture was of their abs and they never showed their face. In conjunction with that, most of them would also say something in their bio like, “I live at the gym,” or “Gym is life,” which would also make me swipe left :p

    1. Hahah ugh guys who live at the gym are too much for me! I actually have an article from an ab pic guy who was judging me because i thought he only wanted to hook up!?

  2. OMGosh, so true. Profiles that just say ask also drive me nuts and photos where they look like they want to hit someone.

  3. Too funny! Makes me glad I’m no longer doing the Web dating thing. I found my man 15 years ago. Back then it seemed that most people were pretty honest and sincere. Don’t think I could trust anything on the sites now.

  4. I had to come back and find this article because I hadnt finished reading it when life happened. I mean these reasons may sound petty but they are very valid especially with the changing dating scene. The last reason had me. And have you met the beard gang and those who think their muscles save lives? Ugh!

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