Leave You

I think back on memories

and try to figure out

why I didn’t leave you sooner.

You gave me so many perfect opportunities 

by always letting me down.

Was I hard headed or blind?

Why did I let you stay mine?



-June 2020

8 thoughts on “Leave You”

  1. I know the feeling. I had a girlfriend who treated me like crap for much of 2011, and I stayed with her because (a) I didn’t want to give up too early, and I didn’t expect any relationship to be without conflict, and (b) I had a girlfriend who liked Star Wars and retro video games, and that’s not something to give up lightly.

    1. I stayed for the same reasons! I needed to give it a true chance and Im glad I proved that to myself but I still get angry about all the bad things he did.

    1. Ah yes the why was a few things: 1. It wasn’t all bad, so I was always hoping to get back to the good times. 2. I wanted to prove to myself that I didn’t bail when things first got tough, as things continued to stack up I realized I needed to set limits and know when to jump from a sunk ship.

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