Yes, come gather round and listen to the girl who has never been in a relationship give relationship advice, I obviously know what I’m talking about.

Welcome to my public diary where I come to terms with my dating history and society’s role in the dating world at large. I’m telling you all my mistakes so only one of us has to makes them.

I may be debatably dateable but at least I’m relatable.


Paul E Bailey nominated me for a blog award and said some really sweet things that I thought would fit well for an About page: There’s nothing debatable about this nomination. Her frank posts about her quest to find the man of her dreams interspersed with poetry are a thoroughly enjoyable read. She’s never ignorant to comments either and will always respond to you. I love that personal touch as it shows a real appreciation for her readers. How men aren’t falling at her feet is beyond me. Bloody fools! Perhaps intimidated by her intelligence…


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