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Poetry By On August 31, 2020


I know you wouldn’t regret it if you gave me a shot. I think it scares you a little  because you know it too. I’m scared to be vulnerable again too But baby, I think you could be worth it.   -June 2020

Poetry By On August 28, 2020

Leave You

I think back on memories and try to figure out why I didn’t leave you sooner. You gave me so many perfect opportunities  by always letting me down. Was I hard headed or blind? Why did I let you stay mine?     -June 2020

Blogger By On August 26, 2020

DD is 4 years old!

Debatably Dateable is 4 years old! My oh my, how big she’s grown! I can’t believe this blog is 4 years old today!  If I’m honest, I did not put much effort into my blog this year. I go through waves of inspiration and droughts, and I’ve had an extremely long drought this year. Fall 2019 I was doing great…

Poetry By On August 24, 2020

Only For Tonight

Are you missing me  like I’m missing you? Could I talk you into  making another memory? Maybe you’ll stay a little longer this time  and kiss a little deeper. Could we be right for each other if only for tonight?   -June 1 2020

Poetry By On August 22, 2020

Wedding Day

Your snoring lulls me to sleep after a hard day cradling me sweetly in the night. And your immovable love gives me strength  like a constant steady flow of a river to my heart.   Your laughter breaths life back into me, babe Fills my lungs so full, I think my feet might leave the ground. Your tender love wraps…

Poetry By On August 17, 2020

The Slip

I never wanted to be this girl and I’m pissed at you for turning me into one. I could never understand why they stayed but now I’m reasoning that you’re not as bad That you’ll turn around and be my good man If you slip up I’m going to slip out I won’t play these games and I know when…

Poetry By On August 14, 2020

No Pleasure

I want to do to you what you did to me But I would take no pleasure  in entertaining other men I’m not even sure I could do it and it breaks my heart that you could.   -June 2018

Poetry By On August 12, 2020

With Every Lie

What were you thinking? It seems like you weren’t thinking at all but I’m going to make you think really hard now. Did you feel my heart breaking with every lie?  Did you feel our future slipping away with every betrayal? How could you do this to someone you love? Was it worth it? Did you get the satisfaction you…

Poetry By On August 10, 2020

How Good You Have It

You’ve found heaven in my arms True love in my eyes Undying passion on my lips But it all goes unnoticed.   Baby, I could have loved you forever but you’re showing me you don’t deserve it.   I make sure I look good for you Help you unwind after a long day Try to put some of your weight…

Poetry By On August 7, 2020

Trust Fall

Are you pulling away or is it all in my head? Are you acting shady or is my sight tinted? The trust fell off the mantle  and I’m still examining the broken pieces on the floor I see my doubt in the reflection of the glass.   -June 2018