Poetry By On September 18, 2020

oh, How You Kiss Me

I like how freely you express yourself. I wish I could do the same to show you how good I feel when I’m with you. Do you kiss every girl like that? Would you kiss me like this if you didn’t feel anything? Kiss me absent mindedly again and we can both pretend not to notice.     -June 2020

Poetry By On September 16, 2020


I’ll let you keep the upper hand if it makes you feel secure enough to keep me around. I know you’re scared to be vulnerable  but baby, I’ll hold you gently.   -May 2020

Poetry By On September 14, 2020

Dating Misery

Just when I start to pull you close Is when it starts to end. It feels like irony or heaven just in need of a laugh. I need a man who will open his arms to me and finally put this dating misery to an end.   -May 2020

Poetry By On September 11, 2020

Hold Me

I imagine falling apart in your arms because I trust you to hold the pieces as I put myself back together again.   -June 2020

Poetry By On September 7, 2020

Self Sacrifice

I try to keep my distance  because I know loving me would be a bad idea.  Please don’t idolize the way I hold myself. You want the fantasy of me and that only leads to reality breaking your heart. I’m trying to save you from the heartache you don’t deserve Let me save you before you make me a weak…

Poetry By On September 4, 2020

Lonely Nights

Are you waiting for me  to come back again? Are you lonely and dying for my attention? Let me in and I’ll seduce you again.   -June 2020

Poetry By On September 2, 2020

Wish You Would

I wish you would make me your baby Nights without you are making me crazy One day I’ll get good at leaving you alone but until then, Can I wear your shirt to bed and rent a room inside your head?   -June 2020

Poetry By On August 31, 2020


I know you wouldn’t regret it if you gave me a shot. I think it scares you a little  because you know it too. I’m scared to be vulnerable again too But baby, I think you could be worth it.   -June 2020

Poetry By On August 28, 2020

Leave You

I think back on memories and try to figure out why I didn’t leave you sooner. You gave me so many perfect opportunities  by always letting me down. Was I hard headed or blind? Why did I let you stay mine?     -June 2020

Poetry By On August 24, 2020

Only For Tonight

Are you missing me  like I’m missing you? Could I talk you into  making another memory? Maybe you’ll stay a little longer this time  and kiss a little deeper. Could we be right for each other if only for tonight?   -June 1 2020