Looking Back on 2020 (A year in review)

Lets look back on the highlights in 2020 on Debatably Dateable!

New collection: Even the Leaves is 5 months old already! It’s crazy that I’ve already published 3 poetry collections with Ddateable. And 2021 will by my 5 year anniversary having Debatably Dateable! I’m not sure what’s next but I’m proud of all that I’ve accomplished already and I’m forever thankful for all the support you have shown through the years!

Favorite poems:

Wish You Would (Sept) – A classic DDateable poem, and the muse consumes all of my 2020 so how could I not?

Breathe in Love (May) – A poem I wrote from his point of view, which I enjoy doing and don’t do often enough.

Devilish Love (Feb) – I was binging Lucifer at the time and it was pretty cool to put him into a poem, any other fans catch some of my hints?

Your Favorite / Most viewed poem:

I’ll be Your Everything (Jan) – In just a few lines this poem tells a love story from now till old age.

Noteworthy: Wedding Day (August) – My sister got married this summer!!

Favorite posts:

Dating apps can make you healthy (Jan) – I talk about how miserable dating apps are all the time so it’s nice to throw in an article where they don’t seem so bad and they even help you set. goals.

Dinner and movie terrible date (April) – I stand by that statement and there will be more articles to come on other terrible dates ideas in 2021!

How to get over someone (July) – we’re all still not over someone so this article is perfect for anyone. There’s the funny joke on Dating apps that you need to figure out who’s married -single, single -single, and waiting on their ex -single.

Your Favorite/ Most viewed post:

I’m only giving the energy I receive (April) – Amen to that girl! I love this post, I would have mentioned it myself if you guys didn’t! If that’s the one thing you ever take away from my blog, then I consider it a success!

Noteworthy: Pandemic Dating (July) – We’re in the second wave of the pandemic, how could I end this post without mentioning it?

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Happy Friday!

Monthly Advice Column!

Hello Readers!

Hope everyone’s New Year is starting off well! Some new things going on for DD in 2018 is the start of a monthly advice column!!

I was trying to find some type of website like form spring (remember that? lol) to help with anonymity but I haven’t found anything yet. Of course, feel free to leave a comment, go to my contact page, or social media pages in order to write in your question or situation that you need love advice on!

Starts next month!