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Poetry By On April 27, 2020

Softly Falling

I like how safe you make me feel in your arms and the way you kiss my back Sweet and quick, no hidden agenda. I like the way you call me baby So softly, I wonder if you even notice it pass your lips.   -feb 2020

Poetry By On February 28, 2020

On the Run

I lost myself while chasing after you I was hoping to find myself again In your love But I’m afraid you’ll never stop running. So scared you don’t even trust your own shadow  

Poetry By On January 12, 2020


I have to come to terms with that fact that  you’ll never own up to all that you put me through. You deflect it enough that I wonder  if I’m losing my mind again with you. I’m trying to learn not to place the blame  in dark places or wishing wells. Sometimes they’re one in the same but I’m done…

Poetry By On January 3, 2020

Never Yours

My door was never open to you. But all these years  you’ve camped out in the front yard. I’m not taking you back because I never called you mine. But I’ll meet you outside my door.   -Sept 2019

Poetry By On December 23, 2019

A Deep Fear

I’m not afraid to fall in love with you I’m just afraid to fall deeper than you.   -Sept 2019

Poetry By On November 25, 2019

The Reality of You

This reunion isn’t as I imagined it would be. I knew I’d changed  over the past 3 years  but I forgot that you could too. I’ve built fantasies from past memories  But all I have to show for it  is a disappointing reality.   -Sept 2019

Poetry By On February 7, 2017

Is it Safe?

I haven’t known you long but something about being without you just feels wrong. That’s why these tears are forming warning that there’s heartache storming. Am I just setting myself up to fall again? Tell me, is it safe to fall in love with you?   -December 2016 Photo Credit