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Poetry By On February 16, 2019


Life didn’t turn out the way I planned But because of you is how I still stand you’re the solid ground beneath my feet you stand strong even when I accept defeat when my heart grew too tired You were the beauty that kept me inspired It felt like mountains I was trying to get through I would have given…

Poetry By On January 9, 2018


A trail of tears down my skin Scars littering my soul My body aching with exhaustion You may think I’m weak But I haven’t lost this war yet I don’t fear the dark Because some of it lives inside of me It’s the mornings that are hard to face. Every morning is a new obstacle to face But every morning…

Poetry By On December 28, 2017

The Perfect Moment

Driving in your car speakers blasting with music that takes you back to another time wind blowing through my hair I feel like I’m flying sitting in your passage side I finally feel alive. -Sept 2017

Uncategorized By On October 14, 2017

Let’s Showcase Your Blog!

Hey fellow bloggers! I’m interested in reblogging any articles from any blogs that write about dating, poetry, or just some good old fashion life advice! So feel free to tag me on one of your articles, comment here. or go to my contact page so I know which post you want reblogged! Make sure to mention the phrase “Project LoveFest”…

Dating Blog By On September 30, 2017

Getting Back in the Saddle

It’s difficult to change your mindset or routine because it requires conscious effort and work. It’s easy to just continue life on auto pilot, never leaving your comfort zone. But that’s a pretty limited area and there’s not enough room to grow. I haven’t been on a date in 6 months. After yet another potential relationship crashing before even getting…

Poetry By On September 28, 2017

The Woman who Still Stands

I will not apologize for who I am My sharp edges My brutal honesty My trust issues that push you away I am not the same girl I once was Abandonment has sanded me down Hurt and disappointment have molded me Through the vulnerable flames she has emerged Weathered through every storm She is what survived She is the reason…

Poetry By On September 9, 2017

My First Scar

Maybe I’m so angry at you because you remind me of him. And I’m mad at myself for being the fool yet again for not valuing myself like I deserve. But it’s easier to blame you than to face myself I can just leave you instead of fixing me I was so innocent and open when his dismissal slashed through…

Poetry By On July 8, 2017

It’s You

When times get hard and I’m losing myself It’s you that pulls me back on my feet Showing me that life can be sweet And when my world is dark It is you that’s the spark And every time I fall It’s you that carries me through it all   -March 2012 PC

Poetry By On April 10, 2017


It’s going to hurt you’ll lose more often than you’ll win. My feet are torn and aching from all the traveling it’s a long journey trying to undo all that life hurls at you. So rest your head on the soft bed of grass tonight And tomorrow you may wake up to smell the fresh meadows in the sunlight

Poetry By On January 29, 2017


You’ve only just gone but I miss you already. I told you to Take care and be good I know I can’t hold you now, but just know I wish I could.   I know you’ll make it through and it won’t always be this heavy. You never deserved this pain but it will make you the strongest man one…