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Poetry By On October 26, 2020

Take More

Its always worse at night baby Always hate to be apart baby Wish you would be mine baby Wish you would take more  than just my time baby.   -May 2020

Poetry By On September 30, 2020

Pointless Torture

And we’re never on the same page  Always pushing while ones pulling Always at the border of each other’s lives  Refusing to step in or away It’s pointless torture And nothing good could come of it.     -May 2020

Poetry By On September 28, 2020

More Than Just Me

He holds me tight and I wonder if he’ll love me past tonight. I fill my head with nonsense Wishing we could be More than just a you and a me.   -June 2020

Poetry By On September 21, 2020

When She Came Over

I’m searching your face For any clue of what’s going on behind those eyes? Are you happy or frustrated  Maybe you don’t even know  But oh how I wish she didn’t effect you at all      -June 2020

Poetry By On September 18, 2020

oh, How You Kiss Me

I like how freely you express yourself. I wish I could do the same to show you how good I feel when I’m with you. Do you kiss every girl like that? Would you kiss me like this if you didn’t feel anything? Kiss me absent mindedly again and we can both pretend not to notice.     -June 2020

Poetry By On September 11, 2020

Hold Me

I imagine falling apart in your arms because I trust you to hold the pieces as I put myself back together again.   -June 2020

Poetry By On September 7, 2020

Self Sacrifice

I try to keep my distance  because I know loving me would be a bad idea.  Please don’t idolize the way I hold myself. You want the fantasy of me and that only leads to reality breaking your heart. I’m trying to save you from the heartache you don’t deserve Let me save you before you make me a weak…

Poetry By On September 4, 2020

Lonely Nights

Are you waiting for me  to come back again? Are you lonely and dying for my attention? Let me in and I’ll seduce you again.   -June 2020

Poetry By On July 15, 2020

Visiting Hours

You tell me No  but you don’t let me go. The door is closing but you leave it unlocked Always welcoming a late night knock.   -May 2020

Poetry By On July 13, 2020


You try not to care and yet I know you do. I can’t stop myself from caring too. But all roads still lead to guilty goodbyes.