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Dating Blog By On February 19, 2020

February Playlist – Desire

Valentine’s Day was last week so hopefully these songs were played to set the mood!   1.Love Faces – Trey Songz Released in 2010 in his Passion, Pain, & Pleasure album, Love Faces has passion covered 10 times over. The song sets the scene of a couple getting together that evening, kissing touching and as the title suggests, making love…

Poetry By On January 24, 2020

Sweet Memories

Kiss me I want to forget  that you’re no good for me. I know I should let  the memories of you stay dead But they taste so sweet  on my lips just like your kiss.   -Oct 2019

Poetry By On January 6, 2020

The Last Time I Saw You

You say you’ll have to remember  what I like for next time. But there never was a next time. It was a last time And I wish I held on a little bit longer I wish I could still remember  the feel of your skin and the sound of your voice.  And I wish I didn’t have to remember at…

Poetry By On January 4, 2020

Sleeping In

We’re casual and easy Like Sleeping in on a cool Fall Sunday No need to text all day long but we enjoy the company  when we’re together. No need to complicate us with games. Keep it as simple as you and me tonight.     -Nov 2019

Poetry By On November 23, 2018

Treated Right

Let me be the one you’re thinking about at night. Don’t take your eyes off me. I’ll make you feel good From the inside out. Be good to me without doubt And I’ll return the favor.   -October 2018+

Poetry By On November 23, 2017


We kiss, we laugh I dive deep into your soul you lay your head on my chest and crack me open so I ache for you. You feel so familiar like our souls have met before. Perhaps even fell in love like we’re doing now with gentle hands, shared breathe, and vulnerable whispers.

Poetry By On November 18, 2017

Intertwined, We Collide

You fall asleep dreaming of me in your bed and your lips on my neck Our dreams must have collided over space Because I woke up dreaming of you in my bed and my lips on your neck. Made for each other, our bodies mold into each other becoming one. Safe and secure, my heart yearns to call you home…

Poetry By On April 4, 2017

A Heart’s Heat

flutterly touches on her skin As you whisper Sweet secrets She’s hearing everything you’re saying craving it pulsing for it Screaming at the emptyness she feels instead of being full of you.

Poetry By On March 8, 2017


 Kiss me hard Kiss me good Kiss me like you know you should Craving you like I’ve been trapped underground for 7 years And you’re the harsh sunlight in my eyes I need you so bad even if you end up killing me   You’re sitting across the table from me And my hands flex because all I want to…

Poetry By On January 20, 2017

Touching You

I’d hold your hand trace my finger along the crook of your elbow to the curve of your shoulder the hills and valley of your chest the slope of your neck to the tussles of your soft, cinnamon hair.   -November 2016 Photo Credit