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Poetry By On August 24, 2018


We’re in the same prison, Baby just different cells It’s hard to see you in the darkness I know we’ll make it out fine Just resting and buying up time. But the longer we stay here the weaker we get We’re lifelong soldiers, resilience is in our blood As much as this devil is.    

Dating Blog By On November 2, 2017

How I Nearly Sabotaged My Relationship

You might have thought that the fact that I now have a Boyfriend would solve the question of if I’m dateable or not. Well, I think the Jury might still be out on that one because Fun Fact – you can still try to ruin your love life whether you’re casually dating or married! I’ve spoken about my intimacy issues…

Poetry By On September 26, 2017

How to Become Heartless

She’s as beautiful as marble now and just as cold. She used to be soft and fragile giving out pieces of her heart to anyone who needed it more than she. They were starving with greed and she was just so sweet. She never got any love back just broken promises and busted lips. I think she knew what she…

Poetry By On February 25, 2017

Hated You

Do you wish I had hated you? Make it easier so you didn’t have to risk any hurt No late night phone calls, no deep conversations where you let down walls and I open up my heart a crack I wish I had hated you too and feel nothing as I walk away. instead you’re charming with your goofy smile….

Poetry By On February 19, 2017

Smoke, Pills, and Alcohol

Always told you can never do anything right so you smoke until everything feels light. You self sabotage with pills and alcohol afraid you’ll prove him right and fall.   Forgetting everything else in that brilliant mind because his hatred has made you go blind. You self medicate with pills and alcohol numbing the pain so you can finally sleep…

Poetry By On February 16, 2017

Do(n’t) Know

Everyone tells me I should walk away says you’ve got too much going on to handle. I don’t know why that doesn’t send me running but I do know I have a heart big enough to hold you inside. And I don’t know why it hurts this much to have you pushing me away since I still don’t really know you but…

Dating Blog By On February 13, 2017

I’d be a Really Good Girlfriend

In honor of Valentine’s Day tomorrow, I want to talk about how great of a girlfriend I would be. That sounds soo conceited and I feel insanely weird for making this post but if I have to embarrass myself just for one person to have a good take away from this article then I’ll do it. And its good to…

Poetry By On February 1, 2017

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil

You’re scared of good things happening because they always get ripped from you and you have a devil in your ear telling you you don’t deserve it. Remind me to kiss the woman who brought you into this world with deaf ears.   The lack of security in your heart keeps your mind on guard for the graveyard shift. You’ve seen an…

Poetry By On January 29, 2017


You’ve only just gone but I miss you already. I told you to Take care and be good I know I can’t hold you now, but just know I wish I could.   I know you’ll make it through and it won’t always be this heavy. You never deserved this pain but it will make you the strongest man one…